Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Five Experts Give Tips On "Comment Marketing"

Most marketers are tracking the Internet to find out who's talking about their product or service. Blogs are where the experts hang out, so if your name (or your industry) comes up, you could be tempted to leave a comment. Here's what several experts suggest you consider.

Yesterday Shannon Paul wrote a brilliant blog for corporate marketers who want to “get the word out” by commenting on their own, others,' or related products. Shannon built sound guidance around the green, yellow, red light metaphor. Actually, the message is the same simple dictate common to all social media: inform, don’t advertise; be transparent and honest; be polite.

Before I read Shannon’s post, I didn’t realize some marketers will do anything to get their client's name on the Internet. If you think any publicity is good publicity, read Andrey Savchenko’s post at rarst.net. You might be surprised how angry some bloggers get when somebody tries to “fool me once” [you won’t get a second chance].

Shannon had some other great links, too: Mack Collier’s post features how to write great blog comments and Sarah Lewis shares advice on leaving blog comments to boost traffic, as well as tips for locating blog posts that are perfect for comment marketing.

Finally, if you think a word or two of praise for the blogger is safe, read Brian Clark, who stomps on hit-and-run commentary.

Any comments?

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