Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15 in Communications History: A Wowser

With delivering tweets from the streets of Iran in real time--hundreds more at every five-second screen refresh interval--this morning, it’s impossible to think about anything as mundane as marketing.

This is an historic moment in communications – let alone political -- history, as we witness the first demonstration of a World Tribe member (in this case, the descendants of the historic Persian Empire) fighting for democracy.

The notion that media is undergoing a revolution has been proved today. Nothing will be the same again, as nothing remained the same from the moment the collective intellect, inventions, vision, and mechanical achievements of the many culminated in “television.” Now, decades later, cumulative intellect (or is it the collective consciousness? ) happens so fast that no single human mind can keep up.

I wish I could wax eloquent and say important things, except I don’t have the words or the intellect to understand and express the implications of this moment in history. For that, we need science fiction writers.

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