Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hurry Up and Tweet to the Impatient Consumer

The ability to give people what they want right now is a key function of marketing in the 2009 Zeitgeist. That’s the promise – if not yet the reality – of Twitter.

Time writer M.J. Stephey says, “Power is also shifting toward consumers, who have made it overwhelmingly clear that ‘they want the news they want when they want it.’" Tweeters like @louisgray and @ploked, both of whom have grown thousands of followers, reliably sift and aggregate marketing and social media news headlines.

Bargain hunters are trolling Twitter, too. Last week, Dell reported $3 million worth of computer sales to an impatient Twitterverse eager for a deal.

Meanwhile, in the statusphere, consumers ability to post shorted links back to the source can quickly take products viral.

The point? Providers/sellers who can deliver stream-of-whisper into the consumer’s ear will get first dibs on the dollar. It’s fun to watch now how creative marketers are figuring out how to do it.

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