Thursday, June 18, 2009

14 Stop Overs for a Marketing Blogger on the Fly

I’ve got a blogging habit with a big appetite. To fix that, I read a lot of marketing and business articles. About 30% of my inspiration comes from online newsletters. Here’s my reading list …

1. For inspiration about what’s happening in marketing, I prefer the following resources.

Marketing Profs, Marketing Vox, Webmarketing Today from the omnipresent Ralph Wilson, Fundraising Success magazine’s enewsletters, The Wise Marketer, and Target Marketing Tipline.

2. Statistics and trends come from Marketing Sherpa and Trend Watching.

3. TechWeb’s Digital Edge delivers more detailed technology stuff.

4. For generic business news, I pick up trends and macro stuff from Bnet, various industry Smart Brief’s, Who’s Blogging What (a great favorite), and bMighty’s Weekly Digest.

5. Even though it’s essentially a sales piece -- or when I just feel like reading a "story" -- inspirational thoughts sometimes come from Nightingale-Conant’s AdvantEdge Newsletter.

6. For recently released government “grey material” you can't beat DocuTicker.

.. and all this is just the beginning. I also keep up with favorite bloggers, Tweets, webinars, and podcasts. As "W" would say, "It's hard; it's hard work."

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