Thursday, January 2, 2014

Forbes -- and Marketers -- Still Love Direct Mail. Here's Why.

Forbes isn't telling us anything we don't already know: Especially for B2B sales, when it comes to outbound marketing [aka prospecting] direct mail gets attention better than anything else (lots better).

In Forbes' article, writer Lois Geller talks primarily about the success of print catalogues, but the comments -- many from marketers themselves -- tell the larger story of why direct mail works so well.

"With the mountain of social media and other on-line marketing and advertising ‘noise’, getting something delivered right to you increases the chance it will be seen."
-- Terri L. Maurer

"Consumers appreciate direct mail’s tangibility, flexibility and once-a-day pace."
--Prospects Influential

"The fact that direct mail is rarely used in some segments, makes it effective. We tried a direct mail piece to a tech audience that was nearly 100% online in communication. This was a market segment that was on twitter all day long talking about topics and technology. We decided to measure success just like we did with our online investments – clicks to the website and ultimately form completions and leads for sales. The results from the direct mail piece beat many of our online offers at a similar price point. No, direct mail isn’t dead at all. Smart B2B marketers will use it in a precise and targeted fashion to drive similar results t online."
-- Bryan Semple

"As a direct mail copywriter for over 30 years, I’m glad to see someone touting the non-dying nature of direct mail. Here’s hoping we see renewed life in the beautiful — and highly effective — direct mail packages from the 80′s. Real writing and actual graphic design — what a concept! I love catalogs, but I miss clever headlines on outer envelopes, crisply written four-page letters and highly engaging four-color foldout brochures. It’s a bygone era that businesses ought to rethink and resurrect. I hope they do. I’m ready to write!"
-- Ken Schnieder

See you around the mailbox.

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