Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It’s From Brain To Computer To Tweet!

Look ma, no hands! Adam Wilson, a University of Wisconsin-Madison biomedical engineering doctoral student has developed a brain-to-computer interface system that lets him Tweet without a keyboard. Wilson wears an electrode-studded cap wired to a computer and ”thinks” about the letters he wants to choose. The result goes out as a Tweet. Wilson isn’t the only student of brain-computer interface, but it's fun to watch the video of him Tweeting. Even more impressive is the Emotiv Systems headgear for computer human interaction that's been wowing folks since 2007. Still in beta, a 2009 release is projected for the headset that USAToday reported will cost about $300, and the 803 fans and gamers who follow Emotiv-Epoc on Facebook are eager to try it out.

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