Monday, February 25, 2013

Buckle Up: The Landing Pad Is Just Ahead

I expect that most of the growth of the PC industry over the next several years will be in this thin, high-end 11"-14" 3-4lb touchscreen/convertible Ultrabook category.

Jason thinks ultrabook, I think ultrapad and we think the same thing. I'm not a techie. I'm a writer/ marketer and here's how I work.

When  I'm really cranking, I use my MacBook with a full keyboard, a Kensington Track Ball (some things you never give up), and a huge monitor. Here, I can do everything, light and heavy: Write in Word or text files; access archival Word and Creative Suite docs and PDFs; use every conceivable software program; access my 12 social media accounts; review archival email going back six years (even farther back on my big external hard drive); copy and paste to multiple places via storify; post to my two Pinterest accounts; do my banking and taxes; manage my two Scoop-it accounts and five websites, and do live chat via FaceTime (my new favorite) or Skype. 

Yes, it's a lot and, so far no tablet can handle it, including the iPad, which I love madly for its portability.

As for cell phone, I have a cheap Android and no-contract Cricket. Why? Because my particular work life does not demand doing business from the road much. Except for an occasional text or quick message when I venture out, I take my iPad.

And yet and yet …

Each day I inch close to being able to work exclusively on this tablet of mine. It seems that today -- unless you're a  techie with mad programming needs or a road warrior with mad phone needs -- an iPad size device that can convert to a real computer on demand -- full keyboard and monitor -- is the near-term optimal tool for many white collar workers.

There's more. I use the iPad for entertainment, too, streaming Twitter, researching, and reading magazines and books while I am watching television.

Predictably -- for me anyway -- the future suggests more cloud-based software and reliable online storage options -- all delivered on the best portable but adaptable pad device with fierce battery life plus neat-invisible design that will make my pad sit up and stay where I put it.

However this plays out in its specifics, one thing is clear to me: I never thought I'd say it, but I'm loving this small computer more every day.

Pad on …