Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Great Stops to Feed Your Business Video Appetite RIGHT NOW

The “content is king” race to dominate Internet space is spawning a theatre full of solid, on-demand business videos – all free (for now).

To see info on specific issues, you can check out YouTube. Unfortunately, you’ll find a lot of self-promotional junk there. A better bet are some of the emerging news/information websites that feature a lot of video.

American Express OPEN Forum:
AMEx calls the Open Forum their “idea hub” and I agree. This spot contains an astounding collection of interviews, commentary, profiles, and tidbits on innovation, lifestyle, managing, marketing, money, technology, and the world.
Great content site owned by CBS Interactive, which rounds up content from TechRepublic, MoneyWatch, and ZDNet. Content focuses on leadership, management, tax tips, etc.

For plain old mind expansion, check out the technology tab at the Discovery Channel’s video collection. It’s just plain engrossing.

--scrubbed by Marketing Brillo

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