Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter: Good Work for Comics, Rappers, Copywriters

I caught an article on Taco Bell's move to social media in Advertising Age last week. What I loved was the comment left by Rodney33 from Frisco, Texas. Remember Kogi, of Korean Taco Truck fame in L.A.? Well, Rodney invited readers to check out and compare Kogi's hip website, twitter, flickr, and Facebook presence vs. Taco Bell's (which, Rodney says, now has its own "Taco Truck."

Go to the AdAge article for Rodney's full posting. What struck me was the difference in tone between Kogi's casual tweets and Taco Bell whistling in the wind. It's tough to put your teeth into, but Kogi just has more energy, more enthusiasm, more color, more devil-may-care, more humor. Examples:

• Come get ur grub CV!
• La Crescenta closing in 15 min!
• Sorry 4 late updates. TECHNOLOGICAL DISASTER!!!!
• Darth Vader's Psychic HotLine - MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU:

And then there's TACO BELL:
• Thanks everyone for the fun with #tacobellmovies today. Winners announced tmrw ... 1 more from us: Guess Who's Coming to Fourthmeal?
• Taco Bell supports programs that inspire teens to graduate from high school and become caring, educated, pro-active adults.
• Taco Bell for Life

The tweets aren't flowing, TB. they're just too.. well, corporate. Why not take a chance and hire one of those improv guys in L.A. to tweet for you? Or hire a consultant from Kogi. I love your food, but -- Twitter-wise -- you just don't get it.

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