Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Business Video Is Worth A Look

I’ve never used this Instant Video Presenter software, but it looks cool on the website.

The sales pitch says the software lets you use your own computer’s desktop as the background of the video you are recording. Instead of you in front of a potted plant, you get an effect similar to that
you see in weather or news reports, with somebody talking into the camera and lots of active, dynamic stuff on a screen behind. That feature sets the end product apart from so much of the homegrown, static video you see online right now. You can work with multiple, dynamic backgrounds -- videos, pictures, websites, slide presentations, applications, or anything else you can get on your computer screen.

With the exploding demand for commercial video, this product would appear to deserve a look. Ideally, though, even a project tagged as "simple" as this one probably would benefit from a producer with some film sense.

And, no, I'm not aligned with the product. Instant Video Presenter is only available on Windows machines.. no Mac version yet. Mac folks tend to be in the creative side of marketing and probably are using high-end recorders and Final Cut Pro to make their videos. Still – at $259.99 (basic) or $358.94 (professional) -- this looks like a seriously useful program to me. If I weren’t on a Mac, I’d give it a twirl.

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