Monday, July 6, 2009

Your Twitter Brain Trust Is A Cinch To Set Up

About two weeks ago, I had a Eureka! moment when I realized that certain people I choose to follow on Twitter actually comprise my very own brain trust. I knew I should group these folks, but I was too busy to figure out how. Then it dawned on me that Tweetdeck is configured to do this automatically -- duh! -- so over the weekend I created my “Hot Bloggers”group – a bunch of Tweeple that I set apart so I can watch their particular posts more carefully.

Gerd Leonhard – gazillions of steps ahead – just blogged about his own group -- the Futerati -- saying, “So I figured it's time to give some more explicit credit to all those great people that have influenced me, and I thought maybe a good way to do that is to list them on a special, Twitter-API-based site such as Futerati.”

In the blog, Gerd cites an article from Harvard Business School describing the research strategy Proctor&Gamble launched over three years ago. Gerd adapted Proctor&Gamble’s strategy to PFEs (Proudly Found Elsewhere). PFEs, he says, have become an important part of his work -- one that surely will be facillitated by his Futerati.

Amid the Net clamor, our own Twitter "groups" become a wonderful ally. Here we find short and well-crafted headlines directing us to the work and thoughts of the people we trust most.

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