Friday, July 17, 2009

Are You ALSO Drifting Through Twitter, My Friends?

Digital Drifting – that’s what D. calls a few hours with Twitter. He's right. My mind boggles and I get seasick, as I float atop TweetDeck, riding the Black Sea of undulating screen refreshes.

I’m drowning!!

In only one day – yesterday -- I missed my meet-up at hub pages, skipped #assnchat again, failed to sign into my signed-up for Webinar, and even was reminded that I’d forgotten Slideshare exists! That was in the morning ..

My afternoon nosedived when I found out about Geoff Livingston’s anti-fan page. My God, woman! Geoff posted his anti-fan page in March! I’m hopelessly behind and Twitter demonstrates it to me every moment I'm on watch, scanning the horizon from my TweetDeck.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. I've been judicious (even snooty) about who I follow. I’ve even created a special group of “hot bloggers” (now narrowed to just two big names, plus friends who get hurt faces if I miss their tweets). Side note: You non-VIPs are more interesting than the Big Tweets who lunch daily with OIP (other important people).

Why do I keep shoveling the TwitS***? Because, for one thing, I am plagued with a curiosity that knows no bounds, that scrambles out of control, that runs amok when I go on Deck. And, second, I refuse to let go of this experiment to see how long a formerly sane person can tread Twitter.

Throw me a lifeline, would ya?

-- scrubbed by Marketing Brillo


Anonymous said...

I'm throwing you one now Nancy! If I only get a automatic feed to the brain that sorted my favorite tweets (automatically of course), my most important friendfeed convos, the best pics from flickr, and the most important stories from facebook - then I would be all set. Or in some kind of social media induced trance. Take your pic!

Sean Powell

Unknown said...

LOL... Glad to see you on my mindstream. I'm dazing along there with you, Sean.