Monday, July 6, 2009

Ritz Marketing Goes Econo Label To Fool Shoppers

Sturdy Roots blogger Dan Smolen and his wife, Marsha Weiss, did a double take while shopping in a Stafford, Virginia, Target over the weekend. Two boxes of RITZ crackers appeared side by side on the shelf: one wore traditional RITZ packaging and the another appeared in a less RITZ-y, eco-friendly disguise that looked humble enough to pass for a store brand.

Research indicates that shoppers are continuing their defection from branded products to store labels, but Smolen isn't buying it. “Does Nabisco really believe they can persuade consumers into believing that they are selling ‘generic’ RITZ crackers? If so, this has got to be the first time in recorded memory that a consumer packaged goods manufacturer has disguised a premium brand as a store brand [to fool] consumers.”

Shoppers beware crackers in new clothing, though. Both Ritzy and not-so-Ritzy versions were going for the same price.

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MYprivatebrand said...

This packaging is a smart partnership between between Nabisco and Target. Target is working with National brands to provide unique reasons to shop at Target and this special edition retro packaging along with other products from Nabisco (Oreo) provides a distinctive look for Target.

More interesting is the Watermelon shaped Kleenex boxes Targetrecently features