Friday, July 10, 2009

My Twit Snit re the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Twitter

There's good Twitter and bad Twitter. And then there's b-UGLY Twitter.

My Good Twitter (GT) daily performs two miracles that no other process can. First, GT keeps me in close touch with the current work of my "top tier," the thinkers, doers, and influencers I respect across a variety of industries. Second, GT is the only way for me to regularly connect with my "lite tier," the many everyday folks doing the same things I am. I want to know what you're working on, what interests you, what resources you have found valuable and passed along (thank you!).

The Bad Twitter is naughty, indeed. Too often, my Tweet box overflows with hasty ReTweets -- send alongs of news that's already out there, everywhere (not Michael Jackson or Steve McNair R.I.P... that's a whole *other* story. I'm talking about those hasty ReTweets of stuff that's all over the wire, and all over the Net). Second -- and regrettably -- from some in the "top tier," I also must bear a certain number of Tweets about which no one cares a whit. (I know you're famous and I know you're special, but I *still* don't care what you had for lunch or whether you're going to bed now. Why must you charge me the painful price of your Daily Stuff so that I might get to the nuggets of your genius when it's finally ready for public consumption? Alas, this is such a high price that I may be forced to "unfollow you," which I will do with deep regret). p.s. God bless you Seth Godin for the thoughtful genius of your "@NotGodinREPOSTS." So simple. So focused. So useful!

And then there's the "ugly" -- the JUNK Twits, the murky bottom feeders who hope to get rich quick or sell me something. You know who you are and you savage my valuable time by forcing me to figure out you're a Nut Twit. I never want to see your b-ugly face again. B-ugly, be gone.

What's your Twit Snit, my friends? Do tell...

-- scrubbed by Marketing Brillo

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