Monday, July 27, 2009

Bloggers Should Expect Press Releases

A colleague of mine recently got a digital spanking from a blogger. Amy (not her real name) had sent him a short news release targeted to the blogger's area of interest (marketing). The release featured a brief profile of and contact information for a client with digital marketing expertise.

Imagine Amy's surprise when she got back an email that began with the words ”Does your expert talk about spamming bloggers, Amy?” The note included a link that sent her to a blog post about spam.

Maybe he was having a bad day, but I think the blogger was as wrong as he was rude.

1) Results of an international Text100 Survey released in June make a clear distinction between professional news releases and spam. The survey confirms that 90 percent of 449 bloggers surveyed say they welcome contact by PR people and email is the preferred form of contact.

2) News releases (electronic or otherwise) shouldn’t require opt-in. Journalists -- by virtue of their chosen career -- have already opted in to receive legitimate information in their interest area.

3) Bloggers who write about corporate activities are arguably journalists. Information is their stock in trade and their tool is writing. Many bloggers can acquire press credentials and the practice is expanding.

4) Some blogging is flat-out business (nothing personal is going on here). Many bloggers accept advertising on their sites. Quite a few have published books. A good number accept speaking engagements.

All our blogger had to say was "take me off your list." No PR professional is going to pursue a journalist OR a blogger who's made that request. So why the attitude?

Thats my thinking and I’d love to hear yours.

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