Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Four Must-Dos To Raise Money When There's Less Of It

In this shrinking economy, successful fundraisers are re-emphasizing four smooth moves to wrench donations from tight-fisted corporations.

In the July 1 NonProfit Times, marketing/communications/fundraising expert Rob Blizard confirms that fundraising today is a tougher more thoughtful sell. But Blizard makes the case that nonprofits can still attract scarce corporate dollars ... IF they can figure out – and explain – exactly where the corporate and nonprofit objectives intersect. What Blizard is talking about are efforts like Home Depot’s focused attention on Habit for Humanity … or Ben and Jerry’s new flavor, “Imagine Whirled Peace,” launched in partnership with Peace One Day.

Blizard's article boils down to FOUR the tactics being employed by successful fundraisers to secure donations in 2009’s tough economy:

1) Study the business objectives of a potential corporate client;
2) Determine where the nonprofit's goals intersect the company’s goals;
3) Demonstrate the corporation/nonprofit synergy strategy to the client;
4) Be willing to offer as much information about the nonprofit as the client demands, because at the end of the day, transparency wins the fundraising bid.

Study strategically, think creatively, demonstrate clearly, be transparent .. the four must-dos for all of us persuaders, whether in fundraising, marketing, PR, or social media.

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