Thursday, October 15, 2009

Think Your Business Is Into Social Media? Chances Are You’ve Barely Begun.

If you think your business is into social media, you might want to check-out some of the many lists of social networking sites.

1. The Inside CRM blog has a list of 50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence On. It's an awkward title, but it’s a useful list, though a trifle outdated (late 2008).

2. Wikipedia has its own list of social networking sites. This is a mishmash that also includes hang-outs like dating and genealogy sites, but the participation numbers posted here are illuminating.

3. In February, David Wilson blogged his list of "Top 25 Social Networking Sites." The appearance of and on this list demonstrates that social networking has a powerful ethnic dimension. brings lifestyle to the social media gathering place. Expect more of the same.

4. Top Ten Reviews lists the usual suspects, but also surprised me with the internationally-inclined Zorpia, described as "the largest social network we never heard of."

5. eBizMBA lists its "Top 20 Most Popular Social Networking Sites." The list carried no date, but who knew Friendster still has an audience or that the big badoo even existed?

A couple of observations:

Ning -- the create or find your own social network site -- keeps popping up as a popular gathering spot .. which could mean that human tribal instincts may well fracture out of Facebook into millions of discrete social gathering spots.

• Any corporation that thinks it doesn’t need a Social Media Manager should read some of these lists. Nothing gives the marketer a clearly notion of what it means to have an "internet presence." Yes, it's a full-time job.

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