Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The National DMA Bunkers Down

Members of the national Direct Marketing Association received the following memo from former Board member, Gerry Pike, who thinks The DMA’s CEO is earning way too much money. Now Gerry is being sued for his role in organizing the insurgency. In the following email sent just a few hours ago, Gerry appeals for members to get involved and save The DMA.

From: Gerry Pike, DMA Board Director
To: [Name]
[Name], DMA does not want me speaking to you!

Dear [name],

For the past 10 days, I've shared with you my views on the state of affairs at DMA, and how your voting member proxy is a real chance for real reform. I have laid out my vision of a better DMA, and have been gratified with the response I've received. Clearly, DMA Management doesn't like our dialogue. Now they have threatened to sue me to stop. Read this article on their threatened legal action. As a DMA member said to me, they're using our membership money to silence us. And it does cost a lot of money.

Is this how you want DMA spending your dues?

Partners at DMA's law firm, Venable LLP, charge their clients betwen $500 and $1000 per hour. Their fees for a week could pay for a DMA staff person for a year. Read this.

DMA has already cut its staff in half this year. Read this. How many more staff will be cut out to pay the lawyers to cut you off?

It's time for members-first management NOW.

This absurdity highlights the serious disconnect between DMA Management and its membership.

Standing together for members-first management can reverse that. [Name], Send your voting member proxy to me so that together we become the force for much needed change.

Please act today. DMA's Annual Business Meeting is 12 days away.

USE THIS LINK to download your proxy. Sign, date and send it to me, Gerry Pike, by fax to: +1 (570) 676-5146 or scan and email to: gpike@DMSAinc.com.

Gerry Pike
(201) 888-9281 or gpike@dmsainc.com

www.aBetterDMA.org Read the latest media coverage & industry news on the situation.
Learn how you can change your proxy, even if you have already sent it in.

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