Friday, September 18, 2009

Words To Prove That We Truly Are “Mad As Hell”

The current Time magazine features the very rude Glenn Beck sticking his tongue out at all of us.

If you've seen the British indie In the Loop, you've been subjected to (and fabulously entertained by) the best rants, roils, and creative obscenities ever put to screen (Alert: this clip is not for those who faint at the f-word).

And then there’s the Racketeer Serena Williams, who’s promised to continue grunting and arguing no matter what it costs her; the Rapper Kanye West, whose mic grabber performance has resulted in a a slew of knock-off rants; not to mention The Republican Joe Wilson who either embarrassed or delighted you, depending on where you stand on the rudeometer.

Going forward, Marketing Brillo is expecting an exploding pack of mad dogs to seek the noon day sun. To help us along the way, here are some annoying, infuriating, exasperating, galling, irritating, maddening, mortifying, pestilential, pernicious, provoking, vexatious, charged, disquieting, disturbing, inflammatory, mind-blowing, perturbing, piquant, ravishing, unsettling, ranting, blustering, bombastic, diatribal, fustian, philippic, vociferous, wicked words for your next tirade, harangue, rant, spurt, or claptrap. Have fun!

p.s. The good news is that maybe we’re too angry ourselves to pay for celebrity venom. Glen Beck has been bleeding advertising bucks.

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