Friday, September 4, 2009

This Guy Tweeted Right And Got More Followers

The central question of much blogging activity is this: “What dynamic strategies drive readership?” An obvious tactic to upping readership is getting your blog in front of a large number of people. But how?

On Wednesday, Kyle Judkins did just that. He devoted an entire blog to Big Blogger and Techno Influencer, Louis Gray. The post made an excellent point about using some Tweeple as canaries in the Tweetmine. Gray graciously -- and truly, he is both a brilliant and a gracious guy -- retweeted Judkins post to his own 13,449 followers. That had to bump up Judkin’s blog readership and build his 2,125 followers.

My guess is that Kyle is looking beyond numbers, to serious followers. This morning his count had bumped to 2,132. At least one of those emanated from the Louis Gray post – mine.

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Kyle Judkins said...

Thank you so much for reading my post and passing the word along. That post was one of my first big social experiments. I wrote it about Louis Gray (which I do follow his posts almost religiously) to see what reaction I would get.

I made a great connection with Louis and got a few new followers and readers along the way.

It is great to experiment and try new things, and I am fortunate that people found value in my first experiment.

Unknown said...

Hi, Kyle... I thought your social experiment was an exceptional one.. and a great learning experience for the rest of us. Nice work!