Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Production Technology Hops and Rocks

Yesterday's “Innovative Format, Inventive Techniques” workshop sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association was an eye opener. Somehow the program managed to be about creative and technology at the same time. For example, RST Marketing has just introduced “Real Pen”—new software that lets a client use any pen and many different fonts to create paragraphs of fully variable text, at half the cost of real handwriting. The guys over at Membership Cards Only have gone so green it hurts! They’ve come up with the EarthKard—a membership trinket made from corn-based materials that can affix to a paper form made from 100 percent recyclables. Both the card and the form come from all natural materials and both are compostable. And then there’s Azuna from Accelus. Azuna is a product developed in Korea that lets direct marketers apply full, crisp, clear 3-D images to anything: bookmarks, inserts, postcards, you name it. Seriously, folks, I saw production technology that you simply cannot throw away (and even if you did, it's safe!)—lots of fun and inspiration at this year’s IFIT.

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