Monday, March 30, 2009

Information Is the New Marketing: Better Do It Right

Information is the new advertising/marketing tool. If you're an "expert," you should be sharing what you know -- and that goes for organizations and people alike. As an editor with many years experience, I can promise you that 85 percent of the writing I see (including press releases and web content) could be improved dramatically. Ninety-five percent has punctuation and grammatical glitches that make the content confusing. Thirty percent of the articles coming across my desk expose fuzzy thinking and do the writer more harm than good. Twenty percent read so poorly that they're downright embarrassing. Meanwhile the sludge on the Internet spreads. Before you submit your next article -- or if you want to get publicity for what you know -- find a good editor. I don't mean a copy editor, either—these folks are great at cleaning up, but most "experts" need an editor who can figure out what they're trying to say and make it sparkle.

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