Monday, March 23, 2009

Linear Landing Pages Recommended

Last week I checked into Marketing Experiments’ webinar on Landing Page Optimization. Here are a few takeaways:
1. Make sure your landing page flows in linear “story form” that customers can follow [avoid stream-of-consciousness layout].
2. Quickly answer: Where am I at? What can I do here? Why should I do it?
3. Keep the primary value you’re offering upfront and clear, clear, clear, clear.
4. A landing page is a conversation between you and the customer, so keep it vertical. In other words, don’t jump around on the page. Therefore, never put part of a linear conversation in a sidebar.
5. Animated graphics aren’t necessarily good [agreed; personally, I'm not fond of flash, except for graphic/video sites].
6. Primary principle: When they land, initiate a dialogue.

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