Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear Fundraiser:

Your name could be Obama or Romney or Something Else. I have the same question for you:

Why are you all over me? Why do you send me a dozen appeals for money every day? Sure, you personally are not sending all of them. Your friends (the XNC, the XXCC, the RedWhiteorBlue Committee, and every political party candidate running for reelection in the fifty states) also writes me. And you all want the same thing: money. But why? 

See, I'm irritated because ...

• My job was to help you get elected. I did as much as I could. Now it's your job to carry out what  you promised you'd do after the election. It doesn't matter if you won or lost. I paid you anyway and you promised. So get on with it.

• Don't keep marketing to me -- at least not until the dust settles. If you want to talk to me, fine. If you want me to sign a petition, I'll do it. If you'd like my opinion, maybe. But do stop selling me all the time. Please.

• I keep wondering: Can you discuss issues without asking me for money? Can you tell me, in clear terms, what's up.. without saying the whole country is absolutely screwed without my cash? Can you treat me like somebody with a brain larger than a pocketbook?

• Would you thank me, or at least acknowledge that I tried to help get you elected -- and, no, it doesn't count if you ask me for dinero in the same email.

• Sure you know my name, and my email address, and even my home address. But do you know me ... and do you care? (I know, that's silly. But you've asked a lot from me in the past year and I'm feeling petulant.)

• Come to think of it, do you ever visit my Twitter page or my Facebook page or my website? Maybe you'd learn something about me (and your other constituents) that you didn't know. It's called research.

• Seems like you've got enough technology to email me a dozen times a day from every IP address on the planet, but you can't figure out how to engage in a social media exchange with me. For example: You want to know what I think? Ask me (you never have, you know ...)

• Oh wait .. you do know something about social media after all. You know how to ask me to contact all my friends on Facebook. Sorry, I don't use my friends that way ... but I guess you wouldn't understand that.

Like I said, I'm irritated.

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