Friday, June 18, 2010

Email Marketers Get It. My InBox is Bloated But Beguiled.

Seth Godin’s post this morning about the easy availability of “slick” products got me curious, so I clicked through to Moo Cards and signed up. This was simply my most recent excursion into “Sure. I’ll take that.”

I’ve been busy “signing up” all week. Tuesday I put my email address down to receive daily alerts from Groupon, Specialicious, and Living Social. These money saving opportunities are hard to resist. Better yet, I’m learning a lot about where I live.

Wednesday I signed on to Hot Potato, the new and groupier Twitter. Last week I evaluated the cloud with Google Docs, Zoho, and boxnet. Zoho is superb, but Google is utterly free -- no premium upgrade fees -- and it's connected to so much of my other Internet activity. What to do? What to do?).

Marketing newsletters also swell my inbox. My faves are anything from Media Post, MarketingVox, Who’s Blogging What, SmartBrief on Social Media, and bNet. I manage the email onslaught by directing various eAlerts to targeted folders. When I get around to checking, the info is like a White House briefing.

Sure, a lot of stuff is clogging my inbox, but – increasingly – it’s stuff I want. Even more significantly, a lot more of what’s coming is stuff I asked for. Seth Godin said this would happen and he was – way back then, at least -- right. Email marketers who ask permission are winning.

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