Friday, November 20, 2009

Twitter: Follow Friday's Mentor of Choice

Marketing Brillo primarily follows marketing, PR, digital, video, social media, and technology experts. A few of these folks are big names like @louisgray and @rogerdooley, but, increasingly, follows of choice include the somewhat Lesser Knowns who recognize, track, vet, and happily share the "right stuff." For that reason, Twitter has become Marketing Brillo's ultimate career mentor.

Today's sampling?

• A free webinar on SEO via @mvolpe, Hubspot.
• Continuing posts from Thursday’s rockinWebinar on PR strategies via #PRWeb.
• “The Art of the Paragraph,” pointers from @copyblogger.
• For a nostalgic Friday Sigh, @steverubel “Ten Common Phrases That Could Soon Be History.”
•#TwitTip How To Squeeze Every Last Drop of SEO Juice from Your Twitter Page.
• @JohnFMoore: Social Conversation Monitoring
• via @DallasAdMan, The Ten Uglies of Project Management (love this one.. Retweet, retweet)
• via @wordpost: "Why Won’t Bloggers Dig Into Detail?" by @davidspinks -
• For pure Machead rumor mongering and rumpkicking, @5great tweets this:
• To sober up, @gleonhard says: Here is a guy you need to pay attention to: @Umairh - Edge Economy and other wisdoms

No way to keep up with all this stuff alone. Thank you Twitter Mentors, one and all.

-- scrubbed by Marketing Brillo

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