Monday, January 12, 2009

Who's Listening NOW?

1to1 Media has an interesting piece about JetBlue’s use of software to track customer complaints and comments. Like many airlines, JetBlue hears a lot (30,000 emails poured into JetBlue when the February 2007 ice storm led to 1,000 cancelled flights). But help is on the way. Using Attensity’s “Voice of the Customer” text analytics, Jetblue analyzes not only emails and survey responses, but also call center notes, blogs, and other customer communications. Lotsa data. In August, Attensity partnered with BzzAgent to gain more insight into consumer “conversations.” Stephen Arnold blogging at “Beyond Search” thinks the scramble among search and content vendors is headed to new customers first. Arnold thinks Attensity is leading the stampede.

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