Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are You Dumping More?

How’s your email trash folder looking? Are you sending more electronic newsletters straight to the storage bin? How often are you able to actually browse – let alone read – the marketing messages that pour in? All that good information.. lost… or is it (good information I mean?). The Wise Marketer just touted “Five Ways to Protect Brands During A Downturn.” Okay, I thought. I’ll bite. What are the five gems? Help your clients, empower your employees; solidify your links with suppliers; appeal to shareholders; recruit the best collaborators. That’s really no-brainer stuff and there's a lot of it out there lately. Rock and roll author Dave Thompson has this observation. "Books are still being published because people still demand them ... there's a lot of information on the net, but unless a reader has the time , energy and inclination to search, collate and ultimately rewrite it all for themselves, they're going to want to read a book.” Or something real, anyway.

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