Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Am Email-Exhausted. Here's How A Smart Marketer Got Through To Me.

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I got an email today. I didn't know the sender. I had never heard of the company.

But I read the email. I also Googled the company name to learn more.

What made me do it? Two things:

1. This pitch was a straight-forward text message just like the kind I get from colleagues and friends every day.  Not too long, not too short.

2. I was not invited to click-through, or visit a website, or download a white paper. I was invited to contact the writer if I was interested. Period.

I am "email-exhausted," but this got my attention.  Here's exactly what the mail said:

Hi Nancy,

I'm sure you placed a lot of effort making it perfect, but is it
reaching your target audience? Do you have enough time and the right
resources to channel it to the right prospects and even to your
existing customers?

CBI Marketing Solutions aims to deliver our client's messages through
our proven multi-channel marketing strategy. If you have some
Brochures, White Papers, Videos and other marketing collateral's, we
can help you get that delivered to your expected readers/viewers or to
a wider market by using phone, social media and email marketing

Let me know if you're interested to know the process.


Charlene Adams
Sales Representative, CBI Marketing  Solutions

Oh, and here's a link to CBI's website. They deserve it. CBI Marketing

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