Monday, March 26, 2012

Anxiety: Statistics Say You Probably Have It and It's Probably Growing.

Google the phrase "growing anxiety" and you get 68,200,000 hits. Try Bing and you get 30% more -- that's 99 million references to "growing anxiety."

Interestingly enough, go with "anxiety" alone and the results double in Bing's case and triple in Google search.

From whence commeth this troubling state of mind? Some says it's pervasive and unstoppable, stemming from the very lives we lead -- lives full of stress.

What is anxiety disorder? Many things. Everybody seems to be suffering, say experts, who often have more questions than answers.

Workplace anxiety is growing, too. Ann Lemley has written Work Makes Me Nervous, a book about it.

Do we want to get all this anxiety under control? The sufferers do, but I'm not so sure about the those who claim to cure it. Anxiety is big money… colossal money … global money.

Do you have anxiety? There's a test for that. (And yet, does anybody need a 7-minute test to determine whether or not they are anxious? I doubt it).

The solution? Different people offer different cures.

Do you have a favorite anxiety calmer? Please share!

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