Friday, April 24, 2009

Stats from Obama's Internet Campaign

Ben Self, founding partner of Blue State Digital, helped design and manage Barack Obama’s online activities in the 2008 election. On April 15, Self spoke to a group of direct marketers at a DMAW EdVent. My website features a longer write-up of Self's presentation, but here are some quick stats about the world's most successful Internet campaign -- so far.

• 1,800 videos were created for voters
• the videos were viewed 15 million times for 14 million hours of viewing
• the campaign “talked to” 68 million voters and was in contact with 220 million
• $770 million was raised for the campaign; 65 percent of that was donated online
• $500 million was raised through small donations of $100 or less
• 13 million people visited the MyBarack website
• 20,000 volunteer groups formed and those hosted 200,000 offline events
• the campaign website was developed in 10 days, though it evolved over time

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