Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How-To Info and Video: Press Release It

PR guru Greg Jarboe suggests that organizations employ news releases featuring useful how-to/do-don't info. “For a hundred years, PR folks have been doing press releases assuming, 'If the content isn't newsworthy, I couldn’t write it.' But there’s a lot of publications -- mostly magazines -- that provide how-to information. When optimized in a press release format, this content gets just as much readership and pulls just as much website traffic.” Jarboe also suggests adding video to press releases. “We did a press release for a Better Homes & Garden cooking contest. The three-minute YouTube video featured in the press release [showing viewers how to enter the contest] got 27,000 views ... and a record number of people entered the contest.” Wilson Web has the video interview with Jarboe.

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