Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mintel Is Fun to Visit

Consumer researcher Mintel features rotating ads of new consumer products on its landing page .. which is only part of the story. When I visited Mintel this morning, all the products spoke to the company's forecast on five main ways consumers are likely to adapt and make the best of 2009. (see Wise Marketer's Key Consumer Trends for an Uncertain 2009.) To wit, see how Mintel tied its top five consumer concern concepts into five featured advertisers.
1. Consumers in Control: Mirian Newman's "Incredible DIY Kit" for wash-off, on-the-go, nail colour.
2. Simplify and Purify: Tide Total Care, a new detergent designed to make clothes last longer. 
3. Rebuilding Trust: Josh Galecki, founder of Loop Apparel, the ultimate in consumer personalization. 
4. Trading Down: Capitol One's free checking account with great rewards.
5. Playfulness: Fun and happy in-store shopping experiences like Selfridges' Bollywood and Brazil events.

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