Friday, December 12, 2008

Is Print Terminal?

It's a no-brainer that marketers need to talk to everybody online... but have we really reached that point in history where print is terminal, if not quite dead? Are we at the historical crossroads where professional writers don't make a difference .. where we just all blog and twitter to each other?

That's the direction a lot of organizations are taking in order to save money. Some who do this point to the New York Times website as the "model." But, hey, as S. Murray Gaylord, vice president, marketing and customer insights for The Times reportdly said at the National Center for Database Marketing 2008: "To evolve their brand and keep moving forward in the new climate, began employing enhanced web features such as blogs and video capabilities, forging strong partnerships with new ‘participatory media’ like YouTube, and made major monetary investments in new media. Now, they are one seamless brand operating on many platforms such as print; web; mobile; iPhone; Amazon Kindle; and the Times Reader." I'm not hearing anything about discontinuing print there, which seems to be the piece of the puzzle some of the less-thoughtful -- or more desperate -- are missing.

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