Monday, December 22, 2008

7 Ways To Fail

The Nightingale-Conant newsletter reports on Larry Winget’s audio program, Success Is Your Own Damn Fault. Winget is guilty of contributing to the genre of "success formula books" he's criticizing, except he’s not promising success; only failure if you don’t follow his “truths.” Makes sense to me.
  • Apathy will kill a business; care enough to do the job you're paid to do.
  • Forget attitude (positive or otherwise); if you find a problem, admit it and solve it.
  • You can’t make your employees happy, so don’t waste time trying.
  • You don’t have to love your job, but you do have to do it well.
  • Fire people when they don’t perform, and don’t hesitate [Note: I was struck by Winget’s notion that you destroy credibility with other employees when you don’t fire a bad one.]
  • Ethics matter. Do the right thing, even when it’s unpopular, or might cost you money, or might be embarrassing.
  • Do what you said you’re going to do; deliver what you said, you’d deliver. Ethics count.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your post regarding my program, Success Is Your Own Fault. A point of clarification though. It's not a novel. It's an audio program based on my three bestselling books: Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life, It's Called Work For A Reason and You're Broke Because You Want To Be. Go to my website: to find out more about this program and see information about my new book being released on December 30th ... People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It.

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking in and keeping me honest, Larry. I corrected the language in the post.