Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seven Design Tips for Your "Call to Action"

Magdalena Georgieva who blogs for Hubspot has written Mastering the Design and Copy of Calls-to-Action, a great little primer with tried-and-true (and easy) tips.

Here are seven design strategies that encourage action:
  1. Make it big 'cause you want to get noticed.
  2. Use "special effects" that grab attention: color, contrast, white space.
  3. Feature the call-to-action above the fold so readers don't have to hunt.
  4. Make your call-to-action button stand out by using a contrasting color.
  5. Try interactive effects like the hover animation or zoom-in/zoom-out.
  6. Try unconventional shapes (rare, asymmetrical, out-of-the-ordinary) to capture the eye.
  7. Point to the call by using arrows, eyeballs, or any other graphic that forces the visitor to look.

Download Hubspot's Free Guide to Mastering the Design and Copy of Calls-to-Action here.

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