Saturday, June 2, 2012

Copywriting <---- Still Great After All These Years

Lois Geller's March 22 post on AmEx Open Forum focuses on reasons why fundraisers in particular get such good results. Geller suggests that this group of copywriters has a “way with direct mail” that trumps commercial marketing copy. 

Her article had produced 46 comments when I checked this morning. That’s pretty good and definitely worth a point-to from Marketing Brillo. Here are some of the tried-and-true copywriting rules that Geller says many fundraisers follow:

• Use enevelopes rather than postcards
• Apply simple, easy-to-read layouts that feature lots of white space and large type.
• Make letters very personal in terms of a relevant storytelling style.
• Always include a premium.
• Keep letter copy as long as it needs to be.
• Feature testimonials.
• Write from one human being to another.

Commenters were enthusiastic; for example this power-packed gem from Michael McCormick built on Geller's theme. “Write a great brief with plenty of background info. Figure out your marketing allowable. Get a pro to do the creative. Spend most of your time on lists and offer. Test, track, fine tune and roll out. It’s like having your own a key to the mint."

Mike Taubleb added, “I hope all the email marketing whizzes will consider the lessons of direct mail can still apply, whether it's testing, testimonials, multiple calls to action, writing in a human voice and not relying on the lowest common denominator. I'm much more likely to open physical mail these days, because I get less than in the past. When I do physical mailings to prospects and clients, I've experienced very high response for the same reason. I have much less patience with emails.

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