Friday, May 29, 2009

Snippits from Search Engine Strategies 2009

From the Search Engine Strategies 2009 Conference, featured these video interviews worth snipping.

Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR interviewed:

Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Creative Director,
• Get a GOOD, professional photo to post on Twitter.

Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOMoz
• Yes, search engine optimization does have a future.
• In search social elements – direct methods of finding information like Yelp, Kayak, Facebook, Twitter – will be coming on strong.
• Expect a significant shake-up in the composition of search marketing firms (consolidation, acquisition, new people venturing forward).
• Some signals suggest that links are no longer the pac-Mac chunk of the pie chart of the algorithm or that social search is sharing space with classic SEO.

David Naylor, CEO, Bronco Internet
• Reputation management is a big thing and Twitter is big, so you need to keep ahead of it for yourself and for clients.
• Most people who have twitter also have and blogs. If they have issues with you, try to stop them on Twitter before they get to the blog side.
• Identify the negative things quickly. Take over the reputation management side of things FIRST, because it will control the negativity getting in there.
• Microsoft is the little guy, with Google as the monster; in fairness, Microsoft communicates better with consultants, and they are both business-to-business and business to consumer.

Guy Kawasaki
• Twitter is a great marketing tool for great content.
• The most objective measure is how much you’re retweeted.

Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Vice President, Marketing, ExactTarget
• The Twiteratti (those operate at the high end of content) will benefit greatly from Twitter.
• Nothing is immune to the rules of the web, and the web increasingly gives control to the consumers.
• I agree with Kawasaki: UNfollow me if you don’t like what I’m doing and saying.
• In the excitement of new medium, we need to keep our eye on good marketing practices.
Twangst is the angst created when you are away from your iphone or computer and can’t twitter, or when you fear you aren’t tweeting enough.

John Mulligan of SEO-PR interviewed:

Aaron Lazansky-Oliva of Sohnup Industries
• In the next two years the mobile platform will be quite useful for marketing.
• Twitter is a great news aggregator.
• We’ll see great increase in connectivity and marketing ability through browsers on the mobile platform.
• In mobile it won’t be about a lot of content, but toward social media optimization.
• Educate the clientele as to what goods and services can get the word out through globalization and aggregation between different populations and cultures.
• Gain the valuable insights that let me, my company, my colleagues use social media platforms and tools to get the information out there.
• Speaking of hash tags, it’s all relevant that we aren’t putting out garbage.
Bubbleguru @bubbletweet – tips and tactics for mobile marketing.

Eric Qualman, Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education
• Where is the search world going? Google’s main competitors are Twitter and Facebook.
• Searching for the term “baby carriage” on Google would take about 15-20 hours; but in the future (future is now) with the Beacon tool I can search for baby carriages on Facebook and see that 30 of my friends have purchased a baby seat in the last year – and of those 30, 20 have purchased the same baby seat. And, I care more about what my friends think than what Google thinks.
• The best product will win because your friends will have the answer.
• With Twitter, Comcast and Jet Blue are answering frustration tweets within an hour.
• Some people speculate that Google might buy Twitter.
• I crowd sourced to find out which app was the biggest mover in social media, using Twitter and Facebook for voting.. Facebook was the overall winner; YouTube was second.

Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed:

Hollis Thomases, CEO of
• Twitter is great way to communicate with potential and current buyers.
• If you represent the brand, you need to LISTEN.
• Whole Foods has been very informative; they have a reputation for doing good and for customer support and quality – perceptions they are reinforcing with Twitter.
• Be cautious: Twitter handles can be hijacked.
• Key twitter tools include url short names tools that give you deep metrics when used.

Brian Cray of Nearby Tweets
• Nearby Tweets is a new product designed to overcome the chaotic mess that is public Twitter, and which can reduce to a stream of nearby Twitterites.

Michael Evans of The Talent Magazine.
• People are staying home for a “staycation,” and Twitter is a big part of that
• Guy Kawasaki explains how to use Twitter as a business tool.
• Talent has a Twitter account, but is using it lightly for now.
SEO is a big thing at our company, including landing pages and how to optimize.
• It’s difficult for clients to decide which SEO consultancy is the best.

Rebecca Lieb, eConsultancy, interviewed:

Michel Leconte, SEO Samba
• Syndication is huge in terms of getting the brand out there.
RSS is good for slicing and dicing content.
• How much should you feed? Full post? Half post? You need a strategy for each blog you are posting; some should be full-feed, some not.
• Work to get technologies like Tweetfeed place.
• Make sure you use a service that gets you some analytics and measurements.
• Get in synch with the news cycle and engage in the discourse.

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