Saturday, May 16, 2009

Citizen Journalism and Other Neuro Waterboarding

In the realm of brain washing and neuro-water boarding, I have felt the deluge of BNO News [yes, I’m late to this and every other pop culture party, but never late to a doctor’s appointment – wait, I never go to the doctor.. oh well …] From BNO, I washed up on the whole damn beach. Waterlogged as I was, I felt an immediate impulse to RSS feed myself with stories nobody else knew, earlier than anybody else knew them. But then I said, “Why,” followed immediately by “How?” I mean how much can a human brain take? [Yes, I keep asking that question. I even joined a Twibe of neuroscientists in hopes of an answer]. In the last 24 hours I’ve uploaded a background image on my Twitter page [to that enterprise I invested 3 hours before I sought to say "why?" and learned that Twitter was malfunctioning-- problem now fixed], I've added tags to my blog dating back to 2008, and am in the process of sitemapping my website. I’m on frontal lobe overload and I haven't had breakfast. Anybody out there with me? If so, Tweet me. Right now, I'm maxed at 140 characters.

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