Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smart Conference Marketing

The DMA featured a nifty item on its sign-in page for the DMA08 Conference. The landing page read: “Need to justify the show to your boss? Then run your own justification report to see if the topics, companies, products, or people who are of value to you and your organization will be at DMA08." To retrieve the "justification," all you had to do was "... tell MyDMA08 what you're looking for from the event—a list of companies, products, sessions, or people who are of immediate value to your business." That involved providing name, job function and email address, of course. (Data gathering anyone?) Voila! The justification report returned a list of pertinent stuff you'd need to garner senior management sign-off. Based on stated areas of interest, those who signed-on continued to receive periodic emails with info on exhibitors, people to meet, products to see, and recommendations delivered up until the date of the event.

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