Friday, November 14, 2008

Pitching to the Cohort

Freelance copywriter extraordinaire, Bob Bly, has drilled down to what he calls the “grumpy old men” cohort. Bly says GOM are a primary market for many products and services sold through direct response, both offline and online. Naturally, Bly recommends tailoring DM copy to the needs, desire, and concerns of the GOM market; for example:
  1. Find out what irks GOM and suggest ways to resolve it (because, yes, they’re grumpy).
  2. Help GOM find low-risk ways to make money; they fear losing.
  3. Show GOM how to hold on to what they have.
  4. Offer GOM a positive message; scare tactics can backfire.
  5. Emphasize how your product or service can help GOM live independently.
  6. Appeal to the GOM’s sense of frugality.
  7. GOM have a sense of entitlement; speak to it.
  8. Before you write a word, conjure up a GOM you know.
  9. Make sure a GOM signs the letter.
All this insight, of course, is what makes Bly -- a self-acknowledged GOM -- a copywriter to imitate. Download the full article at

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