Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gekko Fun, But Not the Workhorse

At the Best of Direct ceremony on November 13, the Educational Foundation of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington handed GEICO the coveted Sisk Award for Direct Marketing Vision. In accepting the award on behalf of GEICO, Amy Fuhrman treated the attendees to a video composite of gekkos, cavemen, famous people "standing-in" for GEICO customers (Little Richard appeared to be the crowd favorite), and squirrels having a happy fist bump. Despite the t.v. ads' enormous popularity and appeal, Fuhrman noted that direct mail remains the "closer" in GEICO insurance sales, accounting for about 35 percent of new dollars. In 2008, GEICO mailed 20,000 cells in their direct mail campaigns and processed 565 billion records in database updates and campaigns. Today GEICO is the fastest growing auto insurer, the number one internet insurance company, and the third largest auto insurer in the U.S.
   Direct mail, baby ... it works.

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