Monday, August 11, 2014

A Spin Around the Web Shows How Nonprofits Are Using Tumblr

Photo by Debbie Courson Smith
Boise State University
Jason Keath on SocialFresh cited 60 brands using social media come-lately Tumblr, including IBM, Huggies, The Atlantic, and NPR. So, yes, Tumblr has commercial advocates. But what about do-gooders?

Nonprofits are also rolling with Tumblr: Doctors Without Borders,  Mercy Corps, Robin Hood NYC, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and The Trevor Project have all taken a ride on Tumblr. A quick visit to NP Tech for Good shows more nonprofits who are Tumbling.

But why?
ArtezInteractive ( cites five reasons your charity or nonprofit should be on Tumblr, including: simplicity, Tumblr’s mobile app that facilitates mobile optimization, content aggregation ad sharing, ease of getting started, and Tumblr’s penchant for reaching the young 25-34 audience.

If you follow the blog, “When You Work at A Nonprofit,” you’ve seen Tumblr at work and the picture is clear.

And how?
For terrific tips on getting started on Tumblr, check out Mashable’s “Beginner’s Guide to Tumblr.”

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