Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Study Shows B2B Marketers Do Better with These Ten Skills

An article in this week’s B2B  reports that corporate marketers have 10 key roles in the organization:

  1. Devise a marketing plan that’s flexible, but tight.
  2. Act as your brand's advocate, articulating the organization’s big vision.
  3. Bring the voice of the customer into corporate strategy and planning.
  4. Help technology-trained staff understand business marketing.
  5. Deploy specialist teams within established business units, as needed.
  6. Share marketing perspectives with staff coming from a scientific or engineering background.
  7. Make sure “internal integration” means aligning the entire organization to an overriding objective.
  8. Communicate during a crisis.
  9. Keep up with and introduce new trends and tools to the staff and the organization.
  10. Master funding and measurement skills and work with the CFO.

Source: B2B article by Kate Maddox based on a study conducted jointly by the Penn State Institute for the Study of Business Markets  (ISBM) and Blue Canyon Partners, Evanston, IL.

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