Friday, June 3, 2011

Revivals You Never Thought of, Retreads You Never Imagined, Marketing and Biz Opps Galore

A whole world of talent, commerce, and life/biz innovation is sprouting. For example:

The trend to non-digital. Type-ins in Brooklyn.

An App for that. Skouting or real-time, in-time meetchas.

Art from the heart. The brukup revival.

The new lemonade stand. Coolhaus, the hot new Taco truck in L.A.

Bootstrap experts. "Ampros" (amateur professionals) find a million ways to share they know. YouTube is the medium.

Recycle next door. Krrb has great appeal for renting, trading, and donating “stuff” locally.

TIP: TrendCentral delivers a daily check in for what’s happening at the root level.

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