Thursday, January 10, 2013

GEICO: How Can They Be SO Good?

Common wisdom has it that personalization is everything in direct mail. GEICO -- which consistently produces some of the best TV commercials in history -- has once again turned the direct mail pundits on their ears.

Yesterday, GEICO hit me with a tiny 5x5.5-inch self-mailer with no personalization whatsoever. This mailer didn't even have an address. In fact, it was so self-contained that, in clearing out the mail, I kept thinking I'd thrown the rest of it away.

How'd they do that?

I'm betting this mailer went out through USPS' "every door direct mail" program. Sometimes derided and often feared by direct mailers, this "every door" effort proved that, in the right hands, simple can still work.

When opened to its full 5.5x9-inch glory, this 2-color (blue and black), lightweight (50# offset?) flyer popped up a wee (2x3.5-inch)  perforated "quote card," blown into the flap. On one side, the terse copy suggested that I could save up to $500 in 15 minutes by switching to GEICO; on the other, I found website and phone info.

The pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance for direct mail lovers? The bottom of the doodad made my response easy by featuring a QR code that, upon scan, promised me a no-obligation rate quote.

I'm already a GEICO customer, so clearly this piece didn't target me. So what? I loved the simplicity and ingenuity of this "quick quote card," which seemed very GEICO-esque in its light, airy, simple, and, somehow, quirky demeanor.

In short, the skill the marketers demonstrated proved GEICO not only does great TV, they know their direct mail.

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