Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, INDEED! Digital Sherpa, You Rock!

Okay, I officially love you, DigitalSherpa. The following email from you showed up in my inbox ten minutes ago, on November 20. Now this is happy. THIS is a class act. Thank YOU.

Free Whitepaper

'Does Your Awesome Blog Suck? 10 Content Tips For Bloggers'

No forms, no 'other steps', just click and get your free whitepaper.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Create content that will increase readership and social sharing
- Find consistency in your content creation efforts
- Stay away from blogging practices that can hurt readership

Plus many more valuable blogging tips and strategies....

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I Did. And It's Basic,
But It's Good.

-- scrubbed by MarketingBrillo

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