Friday, April 17, 2009

The Korean Taco Approach To PR

By now, most marketers have heard about the success of the L.A. Korean Taco truck. This popular meals-on-wheels snack won a loyal customer following using Twitter, and garnered attention in Newsweek. The story fascinated everybody and, in my PR business, the term “Korean Taco” crept into our jargon. Very simply, around here, a Korean Taco is a communication with editors that contains a nugget of useful, printable information, as is. So, while the objective may be to place an article with an industry publication, we make sure our email to the editor extracts a salient point – a Korean Taco – that the editor can use even if the full article doesn’t get picked up. Editors seem to like the KT approach. I guess that’s because – as Ben Self, founder of Blue State Digital and genius behind Barack Obama’s online presence in Election 2008, says – “Nobody reads press releases. Even editors don’t read them.”

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