Thursday, February 5, 2009

Twitter for Brainiacs?

Reportedly, there’s a new microblogging tool that college students and professors have been quick to adopt (bye bye Twitter?). Wiggio says its for academic groups, clubs and committees, sports teams, small businesses, families, non-profit groups, roommates, and social groups. They’ve reported that 80% of sign-ups since they launched in January 2008 are college students and faculty. Wiggio says it takes under a minute to setup a new Wiggio group and there’s no nagging group members to sign in, because as soon as they’re added, they’re in (they never have to register). Web 2.0 collaborative software developer, Zoho, is an existing partner, so Wiggio also features a shared calendar, group text and voice messaging, free conference calling and web meetings, filesharing, and collaborative viewing/editing for documents. The biggest winner here may be Zoho.

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