Monday, June 22, 2009

Marketing Brillo Death Watch

A host of pundits has been foretelling the death of journalism and newspapers off and on for years. Back in 2004, Hugh MacLeod said he and Doc Searls discovered that branding is dead. Next it was our own kids declaring email deceased. This year, it was direct mail gone all cold. Now it’s The Buzz Bin and Chris Saad declaring – gasp! – that social media, too, has gone belly-up!

This latest drive-by shooting reportedly will come at the hands of corporate America, which has invaded the social realm with commercial tweets and self-serving efforts to "monitor" customer distress. (Case in point: the hapless Frank Eliason @comcastcares, who has no control over the wicked local "dispatchers" who wreck havoc on customer schedules and patience, generating -- at current count -- 804,000 Google hits for "i hate comcast").

Maybe the social media transpiration will take awhile. So, as I ready my latest black outfit, my mind drifts back to a better time --the Deadwood Days of the original AOL chatroom. In it's pure form, this very early “social media” died in the late nineties, also at the hands of people looking to turn a buck. It never got better than that. Rest in peace.

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